Roads and motorways in particular are undergoing major changes. Although the timetable and scope of all the current changes are not easy to assess, safety is the primary concern for modern travellers. Aximum can serve as your partner in your projects, providing you with innovative, high-performance solutions for road and motorway environments, solutions which factor in your economic and environmental targets, as well as the need to protect your operatives. We can therefore support you in implementing your infrastructure and travel management policy.

Deploy solutions for saferjourneys

  • 1) Reduce the risk of accidents

    Accidents often result from people driving too fast, steering mistakes or a lack of visibility and bad weather conditions. Good signalling is a key factor in reducing the accident risks.

    Aximum has develop various systems, such as marking, signalling and road sign solutions :

    • mark out areas in which people can travel and lay out traffic regulations
    • indicate the presence of hazards and contribute to directional signalling
    • physically represent the highway code and guide road users
    • signal the presence of people and protect operatives working in the road
  • 2) Reduce the consequences of accidents

    When an accident occurs, protective systems – such as safety barriers and crash cushions – limit the consequences for the occupants of the vehicle involved in the accident, as well as for other users.

    Aximum has developed a range of solutions for :

    • marking out lanes for travelling in different directions and preventing users coming off the road
    • protecting obstacles to the side or in front
    • reducing the severity of crashes
    • warning and protecting other road users
  • 3) Reduce nuisances

    Nuisances can occur following incidents, acts of vandalism or during periods of construction work. Aximum can help you to reduce them by implementing :

    • information, communication or CCTV systems
    • security features near work sites
    • patrols
  • 4) Enable fast equipment maintenance

    We have designed equipment the components of which can be quickly replaced in the event of an accident. We have also developed systems for lane-switching and protecting areas in which work is being carried out.

Facilitate travelling

  • 1) Improve traffic conditions

    Reduce congestion on roads, encourage smooth traffic and reduce atmospheric pollution. Thanks to our traffic management expertise, we can address a range of issues :

    • traffic studies
    • road network usage support systems
    • speed regulation and real-time information
    • creating reserved lanes
    • implementing alternative routes
  • 2) Provide straightforward guidance

    Giving road users the information they need so they know where they are makes their journeys easier and helps them make driving decisions. We have developed a range of permanent and temporary, static and dynamic signalling systems designed to cater to these needs. They also :

    • physically apply the highway code
    • enable different types of user to use the roads at the same time
    • showcase tourist attractions and areas of local interest

Be your leading partner

  • 1) Simplify management

    Aximum has developed an asset management, operation and geolocation solution so road and motorway network owners and operators have a continuous, clear overview of the state of their equipment and can effectively monitor their interventions.

    The only business application dedicated to systems for signalling, retention and road marking,Patrimonia helps simplify the technical and administrative monitoring of your equipment.

  • 2) Ensuring maintenance

    With experience in carrying out operations on all roads and under all traffic conditions, Aximum's teams can provide your equipment with the maintenance it needs.

  • 3) Our commitment

    With our experience and expertise, we can meet your requirements for performance and can enter into global contracts with you, for example, thus helping you to control your costs.